Letter of Engagement


Sound Steps AVT Ltd.’s website, www.avtdirect.com provides an Online Parent Education and Therapy Service which respects the privacy of the children in its care and of their families. Sound Steps AVT Ltd. recognises that these children and families have the right to expect that their data will be protected.

During our time together, Sound Steps AVT Ltd., will hold personal data on your child and your family. This personal data includes your name, gender, address/es, telephone numbers, email addresses, occupation and medical history related to pregnancy, together with your child’s date of birth, birth history, pertinent audiological and medical records, video footage and information related to on-going development and progress.

Sound Steps AVT Ltd. needs to hold the above data in order to be able to communicate with your family, to share information with you and offer guidance in the on-going collaborative intervention for your child, in order to be able to offer an effective service.

Please give Sound Steps AVT Ltd. your consent to allow us to so hold this data on your child and your family. This information will be reviewed by us to determine that your child would benefit from Auditory-Verbal Therapy. In the event that we consider your child may benefit only marginally from Auditory-Verbal Therapy, we shall inform you via email and leave the choice of our service to you.

Sound Steps AVT Ltd. will never share your details with anybody or organization without your permission.


I confirm I am over the age of 21 years and have read, understood and agreed with the way my data will be used by Sound Steps AVT Ltd. as set out in this document. I permit Sound Steps AVT Ltd. to access this information. I understand that Sound Steps AVT Ltd. will take every precaution but cannot guarantee the protection of this data.

I understand that Sound Steps AVT Ltd. offers only Auditory-Verbal Therapy, that my baby or young child should be 30 months of age or younger at the time of joining this service and should already be fitted with hearing aids/cochlear implants and/or implantable hearing devices by this age. If my child has not been so fitted, I understand that Sound Steps AVT Ltd.’s service will guide us to do so at the earliest.

Additionally, I understand that my: –

  • wholehearted participation and diligent follow-up
  • on-going engagement with my child
  • timely upload of all videos as requested
  • and timely submission of all forms, questionnaires and data as requested is critical to my child and my family being able to benefit from Sound Steps AVT Ltd.’s Online Parent Education and Therapy Service.

    I further understand that Sound Steps AVT Ltd. reserves the right to discontinue its service if my family and I are unable to satisfactorily comply with these requirements or if my child has needs that Sound Steps AVT Ltd.’s services cannot address.

    I understand that while Sound Steps AVT Ltd. will do its very best, it cannot guarantee that my child develops like a child with typical hearing the same age.

    I confirm that I am submitting this consent form voluntarily and of my own free will. I also confirm that any information submitted to Sound Steps AVT Ltd. is accurate and truthful.

    Email AVT Direct at support@avtdirect.com and allow us to help clarify any information on this form.