About Us

AVT Direct is an Online Parent Education and Therapy service designed, created and produced by Shefali Shah (M.E.D., (USA), LSLS Cert. AVT) for families who wish to raise their babies and young children with hearing loss to listen, learn and talk like children with typical hearing the same age. Shefali is committed to making individualised online Auditory-Verbal Therapy accessible and affordable to families with young children with hearing loss.

Shefali is an LSLS Cert. AVT professional and is your therapist at AVT Direct. She will coach and guide you to support your child to listen, learn and talk.

Shefali has been mentored by Warren Estabrooks and lives in London and practices there and in India.

As India’s first practicing LSLS Cert. AVT professional, Shefali draws upon her work in early intervention with approximately 100 families at Sound Steps and her training in Australia, Canada and the Netherlands, and her training and work experience at the Smith College-Clarke School for the Deaf programme in the USA, to bring you AVT Direct.

Shefali Shah’s service at Sound Steps encapsulates the essence of Auditory-Verbal Therapy. Open access defines the technology of today and the future of children with hearing loss and their families.

AVT Direct welcomes you to its seamless, robust individualised service that goes beyond the confines of face-to-face interaction.