About Us

AVT Direct is an Online Parent Education and Therapy service for families who wish to raise their babies and young children with hearing loss from home to listen, learn and talk like children with typical hearing the same age, with robust professional support.

Modern technology drives the world of Hearing Sciences. Open access defines the technology of today and the future for children with hearing loss and their families. As hearing devices and related surgical techniques become minimally invasive and audiological services with their wireless technology non-restrictive, it is appropriate that services to families be boundless.

Recognising a universal need for open, affordable access to services in early intervention for babies with hearing loss and their families, Sound Steps has created AVT Direct.
Sound Steps has drawn from its clinical practice to encapsulate the essence of Auditory-Verbal Therapy, as it takes its services beyond the confines of face-to-face interaction to reach families with a seamless, robust online service: AVT Direct.