Standard Plan Module 04

This level includes:
Video Lessons:
● Video Lesson 12 with speech processors or continuing with hearing aids.
● Video Lesson 13 with speech processors or continuing with hearing aids.
● Video Lesson 14 with speech processors or continuing with hearing aids.

These 10-12 minute video lessons take you into therapy sessions with babies and young children with hearing loss so that you may observe first-hand how to develop identical weekly targets.

In the Standard Tier, each video lesson comes with
● a Lesson Plan
● a Feedback Form
● Chat
● Video requests as specified

What you and your child will learn:
At the end of this plan, you will
1. Communicate more easily with your child given that s/he is optimally fitted.
2. Derive more and more pleasure from playing with your child.
3. Use the ‘Wait!’ cue consistently.
4. Monitor your child’s spontaneous babbling and any spontaneous imitation of key words.
5. Check your child’s hearing devices daily using Ling’s 6 Sound test.
6. Talk to your child in longer sentences.
7. Read to your child with hearing loss.

At the end of this plan your baby or young child will
1. Detect being called by name from a distance of 3 feet.
2. Follow commands that are longer than those used so far.
3. Identify 2-3 nouns (Learning to Listen sounds by their performative or by name and familiar members of family by name).
4. Imitate at least 3-4 of Ling’s 6 sounds from close, depending on your baby’s age and stage of development.
5. Produce an abundance of sound and even begin imitating a few key words.
6. Understand simple commands such as “Turn the page” when reading together.
7. Begin pointing in response to being asked a “Where?” question.

Progress Review

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